Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy outlines your core business goals and objectives and helps focus on the best activities to increase your revenue. 

We conduct marketing strategy sessions covering the following areas:

  • The best business model for maximum profits
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Identifying target markets
  • Creating clear messaging and branding
  • Profitable client attraction platforms
  • Client retention strategies
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Forming alliances and joint ventures

To find out how to grow your business and significantly boost your profits, book in for a complimentary strategy session …

Online Lead Generation
  • Control the volume of prospects you attract each month
  • Determine and control your client acquisition costs
  • Save time and money by only targeting qualified prospects who want and need your products or services
  • Directly track your Return on Investment (ROI)

With a high focus on ROI, we can create a lead generation strategy that incorporates:

  • FB Ads
  • YouTube
  • Adwords

Our done for you services are comprehensive and include:

  • Researching the most profitable niches for your business
  • Creating the ads and campaigns that will attract the target audience
  • Split testing, measuring and modifying ads for maximum opt-ins and conversions
  • Creating high converting landing pages

We can create a high ROI lead generation campaign or improve your existing online efforts.


Branding is much more than just your logo or your colours. Branding is the image and perception your business has in the marketplace. In the information age branding is more important than ever. We are exposed to hundreds of brands each day. It is not by chance that big corporates spend big dollars on their brand presence and awareness. The good news is that you don’t need to spend millions to cerate a strong brand that you and your team are proud of. 

We can help you create a brand that sets you apart from your competition and appeals to your target market.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the way your business communicates with your customers and prospects. It is a way of presenting your products or services in a way that educates and engages your customers instead of just ‘selling’ to them. Content marketing is a key element of attraction marketing principles … customers seeing your content and coming to you ready to buy. Content includes the information your provide to your prospects and customers via your website, your social media channels, your videos, newsletters and emails. When you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to your prospects and customers, they are more likely to engage your business.

We can create a content strategy that your team can implement or we can create compelling content for you that attracts your ideal clients and strengthens clients loyalty.

Video Marketing

Videos are now considered one of the most crucial elements in marketing a business. In fact people who watch a video of your product or service are as much as 85% more likely to purchase. Videos attract ‘hot leads’ for your business – people who have already made the decision to buy from you. A well crafted professional video can be considered an online salesperson.

We can help you create some key videos every business should have as part of their marketing activities.

  • Intro and outro videos
  • Video sales letters
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Product demo videos
Email Marketing

Today’s consumer is savvy and gets turned off juts being ‘sold to’. They want to be educated, entertained and nurtured. One of the best ways of nurturing your prospects and clients is via email marketing.

One of the major mistakes businesses are still making is focusing on acquiring new clients. Existing and past clients often remain neglected and this source of ongoing sales is untapped.

Our email marketing campaigns include:

  • Moving your potential clients through your sales funnels
  • Nurturing your existing clients
  • Reactivating old or unresponsive client lists
  • Affiliate campaigns (especially useful for one off service type businesses)
  • Direct response emails focused on sales
Referral Marketing

One of the most cost effective forms of marketing is a referral marketing – word of mouth via existing customers or business referral partners. We can help you set up formal

  • Client referral Systems – rewarding existing customers for referring their friends and fmily
  • Business referral partners – rewarding businesses who promote you to their client base
Event Marketing

We offer comprehensive done for you event marketing to ensure high attendance rates and ROI including:

  • Online FBAds and Adwords
  • Content
  • Funnel Design
  • Pricing and package strategies
  • Webinar promotions
  • Event ticket sales
  • Sponsorships